We are all fans

The word “Fan” comes from the word Fanatic.

And while many of us call ourselves fans – I am not sure we all believe we are fanatics.

But – to be a fanatic about something means we are passionate about it.

And here at iHeartMedia Milwaukee, we are passionate about Sports. We are Sports Fanatics.

Recently, we flipped 97.3-FM to 97.3 THE GAME. We did this because we believe in sports. We believe in local talk. And we are fans.

Talking about local sports CONNECTS us to our fans, our audience. Nowhere else can as big a group of people gather in the same place to talk about OUR teams, OUR players, OUR games.

And we don’t just talk sports. We talk about food; we talk about our community; we talk about our lives. We invite our fans in to be a part of our lives.

It’s this connection that creates fans. It creates passion.

And if you are looking to be a part of this passion, it’s not hard. If you’re a listener – or a fan – you can call/email/Facebook/Tweet/Instagram in to the show.

And if you’re an advertiser, you can become a partner INSIDE our shows. You can be a sponsor – and we can be your spokesperson. Let us partner with you and we will help tell your story.

We can tell your story to our fans. Because we are passionate about what we do, and we are passionate about your businesses, and we are passionate about our community.

We are all fans.

97-3 The Game - PRIMARY full color


Written by 97.3 The Game On-Air Personality and iHeartMedia Milwaukee Account Executive Mitch Nelles