Diverse Audiences are Leaders with new Audio Technology

Radio has an important role in the day to day lives of millions of Americans.  Hispanic and African-American’s make up a third of American radio listeners.  According to a June 2018 Nielsen Study, radio is America’s top weekly reach platform, both overall and with African-American and Hispanic consumers.


African-American’s and Hispanic- American’s also spend more time with radio than any other ethnicities African-American’s spend on average 13 hours and 32 minutes per week with radio and Hispanic’s spend roughly 12 hours and 45 minutes per week listening to the radio according to the same 2018 Nielsen Study.



So it’s no wonder that African-American and Hispanic consumers are innovators when it comes to their interest in and acceptance of smart speakers and audio streaming services into their daily lives.  According to Nielsen’s new syndicated MeidaTech Trender Report a whopping 52% of African American consumers and 45% of Hispanic consumers use smart speakers, streaming service for music, radio and podcasts, smart speakers being the most popular of all.  So Hey Alexa… Play V100.7


See the original Nielsen Article here

Written by Bailey Colemen, WKKV Program Director and Mid-day Host

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