Why you should partner with our iHeartRadio Music Festival

It’s hard NOT to hear about our cornerstone event – the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas is in the history books. I was lucky enough to be sent to spend some quality time with some of our biggest advertisers.

Photos and celebrities everywhere, over 12 BILLION social media impressions, on-site activations – and 8 weeks of heavy promotion on over 850 radio stations, social accounts and web sites in 150 cities.  The multi-genre line up played more than 200 well-known tunes appealing to just about every music taste. Imagine Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Jack White, Carrie Underwood, Imagine Dragons, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Panic! at the Disco, and Shawn Mendes all in one place!

FACT:  89% of Millennials like brands that sponsor music events, and 82% of these folks attended a music event this past year.

2019 may be the year that your brand plays to this new tune. As a first time attendee here are my top 3 reasons your brand should engage with the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

  1. Your brand looks big when it aligns with something big.
    Check out the extended lineup here: https://www.iheart.com/music-festival/#lineup. There is nowhere else on the planet that you can find that much top tier music in one place.  Live music happens every day in just about every city.  The iHeartRadio Music Festival is an event where memories are made.  It’s diverse, it’s unique and it’s BIG.  Wanna look big to your key consumers? Then align big with their passions.
  2. IMG_4977Activating your brand next to the excitement of live music engages consumers in a special way.
    At the daytime village I saw how a lot of companies were doing it right. Over 20,000 fans were treated to unique activations. In the daytime sun of Las Vegas the temperatures hovered near 100 degrees. Thanks to Orange Theory Fitness I was able to stay cool with a workout towel soaked in ice water. The CW network was showcasing its lineup to the younger participants next to bungee trampolines.  There was a line to get into the Daytime Stage area for everyone EXCEPT Capital One card holders who had a special red carpet entrance.  These brands along with many others developed unique ways to engage consumers and be along side them in a fun and non-selling environment.
  3. Too local for national exposure? Any brand can activate an affiliation in any market. 
    iHeartMedia stations across the county promote the festival for 2 months. Local businesses can align themselves with the festival by activating in market trip giveaways.  If your goal is to create on line or in store incremental sales, using a trip giveaway is a great reason for a new customer to shop your business.

The show will be airing in an abbreviated form on the CW Network for 2 nights starting on Sunday, October 7.  Let me know if you see me!

– By Nathan Tonarelli, Senior Vice President of Sales at iHeartMedia Milwaukee


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