Open the Fridges!

Being in promotions and marketing my entire career, I’m a sucker for any unique, creative media campaign or event activation. I was wide eyed in amazement when the Intel drones created the Olympic rings in the sky earlier this year at the opening ceremonies in PyeongChang.

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and have been a Browns fan since before I could walk. (Since I currently live in Milwaukee, I should mention that I consider the Green Bay Packers my NFC team). When Bud Light started promoting that they were going to put Bud Light Victory Fridges in various 21 and over establishments in downtown Cleveland, I was intrigued. The Victory Fridges were full of Bud Light and would open when the Browns won their first game. The Cleveland Browns hadn’t won a football game since December 24th of 2016, so who knew how long the promotion would last.

On Thursday, September 20, 2018 the dreams became reality when the Cleveland Browns defeated the New York Jets, and Victory Fridges across downtown Cleveland and First Energy Stadium were magically opened. We’ve recently found out that there were actually under 20 fridges (bars/restaurants had to buy them from the distributor) and that some of them didn’t actually open via a magic Wi-Fi signal. Some even had problems getting the lock off. But does that really even matter?  The amount of publicity Bud Light has received surrounding this campaign has been tremendous. You even heard Troy Aikman from the NFL network, who aired the game that evening, say as soon as the game clock read 00:00, “open the fridges.”  While the benefit of a free Bud Light wouldn’t help me 437 miles away, it was all over my own social media, since I was not only cheering for my team, but posting about unlocking the fridges.

Any campaign, event activation or media “stunt” that can garner that kind of free publicity is a winner in my book. Well played, Budweiser. Well played. Dilly Dilly!

Read more about the Victory Fridge campaign here:

If you missed the Intel drones at the Olympics, see the video here:


– By Natalie DiPietro, Integrated Marketing Sales Manager at iHeartMedia Milwaukee

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