How To Motivate Your Team

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

-Zig Ziglar

Keeping your team motivated during tough times can be difficult. As most bosses know, it takes working through rough patches to get your people moving again. I’ve been leading teams for more 15-years and have seen my fair share of the ups and downs. The key to winning is to try to move people past the low points as quickly as possible. Here are 4 ways I keep teams motivated:

  1. Show your confidence in them. Everyone needs to feel they contribute to the end product. Show your team, in a personal way, that you believe in them and know they will work their way out of their funk.
  2. Stop the fall. If you see a colleague’s performance starting to fall: step in to help them, tell the truth about what you see as potential problems and try to stop the downward momentum right away. Work with the team member to acknowledge actions that are not productive and suggest something new.
  3. Know what matters to them. Different things motivate different people. What motivates the members of your team? Is it a cash bonus? Is it a day off? Is it public recognition? Try to offer them a reward that would actually resonate with them.
  4. Give the team a win. Everyone likes to win. Find ways to help your team achieve small wins. Getting back on track through a series of small wins, your team can begin to refuel itself, build momentum and move ahead toward bigger wins together.

Motivation comes and goes, so it’s up to you as a leader to keep your team’s enthusiasm as strong and as solid as you can. Remember, they will be more apt to believe you’re being genuine when, like Zig Ziglar says, you invest in them daily.

How do you stay motivated in your workplace? Comment below, or follow us on LinkedIn and share with us!

This blog post was written by Senior Vice President of Sales, Nathan Tonarelli.

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