Why Your Brand Needs Sports Marketing

Walk down any street in Wisconsin and ask people who Aaron Rodgers is – everyone knows.

Ask them who Bo Ryan or Barry Alvarez is, and again, everyone knows.

And odds are, not only does everyone know, but they have an opinion. And with an opinion, comes passion. And with passion… comes selling power.

Sports have a stranglehold on the human psyche. They have a way of drawing us in and making us CARE. In this world of scripted TV shows, scripted Reality shows, and yes – scripted (at least semi-scripted) political discourse, sports is still the ONE true arena where we can see – on a nightly basis – something that has never happened before.

And sports are also the escape – the diversion from everyday life. That’s a huge reason why sports are so popular. We can approach them with an “enthusiasm unknown to mankind” and still function in our day to day lives.

And THAT’S why people listen. THAT’S why they attend sporting events, and sports-marketing related events. THAT’S why not only is the “Big February Football Game” popular, but it supports a week’s worth of events, parties, and parties in EVERY city in America.

It’s why there is HUGE money in sports sponsorships. Sports are LITERALLY the last must-see/must-listen-to-LIVE opportunity on Earth.

When companies are looking to increase their brand awareness, sports are almost always at the center of that branding campaign. Getting your logo associated with a sports team/event/fundraiser is a great way to increase visibility and positivity.

Here at iHeartMedia Milwaukee, we are the home to The Big 920 – your all-Badgers sports station. We are the home for Wisconsin Badgers football and men’s basketball – easily the two most-popular collegiate sports in the state of Wisconsin.

Aligning your company with these brands is a (insert sports vernacular here – Touchdown! Slam dunk!). Sponsoring pregame shows, postgame shows, the play-by-play voice’s weekly visit on a local show – all are opportunities to align your brand with the biggest collegiate sports brand in the state.

The Big 920 is also your home to the NCAA’s Madness tournament in the month of March, and the primetime NFL package (Thursday night, Sunday night and Monday night football).

Again – passion = selling power. Sports are your opportunity to connect with a loyal and ACTIVE audience in the world of radio.

Use this passion to your advantage. Use sports to your advantage. Set yourself apart with The Big 920.

This post was written by on-air personality and sales team member Mitch Nelles.

One Reply to “Why Your Brand Needs Sports Marketing”

  1. Mitch, I really enjoyed this article. Im going to pass this onto our owners as they don’t see enough value of sports marketing on the radio.. Mitch, Sports Resonates!! no question. Maybe you can help me!
    Be well, and thanks so much for writing this.

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