5 Things To Know Before Becoming a Salesperson

If you’re a people person and good at small talk you may automatically assume you’d be a great sales person. While that’s a good start, it’s not the complete picture of who I’m looking for when I hire a sales rep. After 20 years in sales and 15 years in sales management, here’s what I have found to be 5 compelling things to know about a career in sales before you jump in:

  1. Sell what you believe in. Do you enjoy the ballet? Sell it. Do you hate the dentist? Avoid selling for one. A sales career is aided by a genuine belief in what you sell. When you believe in your product or service, your passion will be contagious.
  2. Rejection is part of the process. If you hate to hear “no,” a career in sales may not be for you. As a sales pro you will be rejected often. It’s simply part of the process. The process of turning a NO into a YES is selling.
  3. Customers buy when they’re ready, not when you are. Selling is about timing. While you may think your customer needs the windows you’re offering now, your customer may not. The customer will only buy when the timing is right for them. They won’t consider whether you have a mortgage payment to make.
  4. A sale is about the relationship. A sale is not a one-time event. A relationship with a customer can lead to lifetime of sales that benefit you both. Relationships can also lead to great friendships and long-term trust.
  5. Recognize when someone is not interested. You have to know when to call it quits with a prospect that is not going to buy. Time is money and you have to know when to move on, doing so will allow you to move on to the next customer who may buy from you.
  6. salesperson

What do you think is a necessary trait for all sales people? Comment below or find us on LinkedIn and let us know!

This article was written by Senior Vice President of Sales Nathan Tonarelli. (Photo via Hubspot)

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