5 Ways to Boost Your Brainstorm

Face it. There are some people that are just born creative.  Their minds just seem to see things differently.  They think and look at things with a little ‘twist’.  I have to admit I’m one of them.

When I take notes, you’ll find circles, squares… squiggly lines, and then shorthand notes.  I remember sitting in classes throughout college and when it was time to compare notes with peers I would usually hear, “How can you read or even follow your notes?”  I simply smile and say “I know, it’s crazy, but I can.”   However, being creative isn’t just something that “just comes naturally” all the time.  Even the most creative person has to continue to test and challenge their brain cells to bring out ideas during a brainstorming session.

One of the biggest challenges of creativity is TIME!  Deadlines seem to hinder creative juices, but here are some quick ways in which to help improve your next creative session and be the one to have the next big idea!

#1.  Ask “What If”.  Two words that can open us a thousand of dimensions to a subject!

#2.  Believe that you have it!  The worst thing about trying to be creative is thinking you aren’t! Understanding that no idea is a bad idea!  This actually will only shut down your ability to be creative.  Creativity begins when you welcome it!

#3.  Enhance something that may already exist. Creativity isn’t necessarily the result of coming up with a brand new idea.  It could simply be enhancing something that was done!

#4.  Don’t type it. Draw it. Our brains work so extraordinarily fast…. Typing sometimes causes you to slowdown when ideas are flowing!  Notepads the best when you’re getting ready to get into a brainstorming or creative session!

#5.  Take Deep Breaths… and ease your mind before beginning any creative session!  You have to engage yourself to the subject. Let your brain juice flow!  Creativity will not come as easily or, at all, if you’re consumed with other thoughts.

This post was written by Group Sales Manager Bekki Yang.

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