Q&A Exclusive: A Reflection on Industry Success With Bailey Coleman

iHeartMedia Milwaukee congratulates, Ms. Bailey Coleman, on her nomination as V100.7’s Program Director of the year. The Seattle native sat down with iHeart Milwaukee to discuss her road to success. Her reflection was humbling, and the mindset she has channeled to get her stride in the industry she has without-a-doubt a passion for, is most admirable, and what sets her apart as a local influencer.

IHM: How do you define success?

BC: Success to me is setting a goal and achieving it. Whatever that goal may be, whether that goal is to make sure that you close your door every night when you leave your office. It is yours to own. I like to start with simple things and then work my way up from there.

IHM: When did you consider yourself a success?

BC: You know there is always something new, there is always something more, and success is a big word. What you think success is, to another person, could mean you haven’t even scraped the surface of success. To me, it’s whatever makes you happy.

IHM: How do you deal with barriers or negative influences, or obstacles in order to achieve your goals?

BC: There will always be obstacles. It can be really hard sometimes, but I try to just work through the situation, whatever that may be. I don’t avoid it, I take it head on.

IHM: What motivated you to overcome any challenges you may have faced in those instances?

BC: Focus.

IHM: What do you think are the most important values to bring to a company?

BC: [here at iHeartRadio Milwaukee] Responsibility. There is a certain level of service that we owe our community; I really in my heart believe that.  If we can’t help people and really be a part of their lives, then what are we doing here in the first place? Love and responsibility in the community that we serve is paramount.

IHM: Thinking back to the person who you’ve seen be particularly successful in their job, what made their performance so outstanding in your eyes?

BC: I’ve learned over the years and I’ve picked up a lot of different things from different people. My first boss taught me so much; he gave me a great foundation for learning. And Reggie, I’ve learned so much from—he treats everyone he meets so well. What we do here, isn’t brain surgery. My team is like family to me, I have not worked with a better team that I have since I have started here in Milwaukee and I feel very blessed to get the support I receive from both Kerry and Colleen.

IHM: What’s your favorite song on the radio right now?

BC: All of the songs that I play on V100.7 [laughing]. You turn on the radio here, and you got everything you need.

Bailey’s modest take on success is objectively one of the key drivers in achieving her goals to meet professional excellence. She confronts situations head-on and maintains a sense of direction in the face of predicament. On top of this, she demonstrates a tremendous amount of advocacy within her local community—a characteristic displayed in her continuous efforts to give back and team up with non-profit organizations. Bailey is undeniably loyal to her listeners, and she extends that same devotion to her internal team members at iHeart MKE, where she has built a network of genuine relationships. So cheers to you and your nomination Bailey, we’re all rooting for you.

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