Amplifying Your Reach With One Big Idea

With most modes of communication becoming digitized, we sometimes overlook the importance of real-life interactions. Marketers forget that first hand experiences with a brand can be the factor of a campaign that stands out the most.

On-site activation amplifies the traditional and digital marketing plans you have already set in place. It’s the one concept that most marketers miss, but can make the biggest impact.

Here at iHeartMedia Milwaukee, one of our brands is FM106.1 – the heritage country music station in Milwaukee. However, with new competition in the market, this summer we are pushing to re-affirm brand loyalty with our listeners. In order to do that, we are amplifying our broadcast radio station with dozens of on-site experiences

Kenny Chesney at Miller Park is a perfect example of our efforts. Instead of just giving away tickets on air, the FM106.1 team decided they wanted to interact with our listeners in every way possible. These routes included Facebook Live sand castle competitions, driving around in golf carts to reward the top tailgates, and surprising listeners with seat upgrades, meet & greets and free swag. We had a Snapchat filter, we took selfies with listeners and we made sure every listener was associating the fun time they were having with FM106.1.

How can your brand amplify your marketing reach with on-site activation? You can work with iHeartMedia to be at any of the events we are at year round so you can reach your target consumer (and our listener!) Or, you build your own experiential occasion. Here are some tips from Click Z on how to invest in on-site activation:

  1. Be real. Today’s consumers are often anti-advertising and want authenticity. Make your activation be more about the consumer than the product. If you deliver, the consumer will thank you and broadcast your message.
  2. Spark curiosity. We all have busy lives. If I see someone handing out samples, or offering tickets, I walk away. But if you set up an intriguing experience and spark my curiosity, I will participate.
  3. Use technology. Consumers love technology and innovation. Make these part of the experience and make consumers feel like they are the first to do something special.
  4. Appeal to their senses. If you can create an intriguing experience that looks, sounds, feels good, tastes or smells good, you have won the consumers heart. Make sure you are addressing at least two of these senses in any idea you have.
  5. Support it in all channels. The crucial component to ensure success is that your idea can live and be experienced across all channels. Only then you will become truly memorable.
  6. Make it last. Make sure users leave your activation excited and eager to share it. You want it to be something they will talk about for months or even years.
  7. Make it matter. Above all else, this is the only one that really counts. Any activation has to start with something you know about your consumers in order to matter to them and to create truly impactful experiences. (Show them some love!)


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