Are You A Leader Worth Following?

I was lucky enough to attend a Leadercast event last week with a few co-workers. It was the second year we attended. (If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it.) Leadercast is an organization whose motto is “Leaders Worth Following”.  In addition to daily videos, ebooks,  and blogs, each year they produce a live event in Atlanta, GA but there are host sites all around the globe that carry the simulcast.

Last year’s theme was “Brave Ones”. Speakers included Rudy Giuliani who gave me good bumps as he spoke about 9/11; one of my favorite marketers & authors, Seth Godin; Peyton Manning; Malala Yousafzai (the young Pakistani  woman who was shot in 2012 for standing up for women right to education) among others.

This year, the theme “Architects of Tomorrow” did not disappoint. I wanted to share a few quotes that stuck with me to give you a sense of what it’s all about.

  • “We Value Integrity. We Follow Clarity”. – Andy Stanley (Leadership Author & Communicator). Andy went on to discuss President Obama’s 2008 slogan, “Change we can Believe In”, which was shorten to simply, “Change”. One very clear message.
  • “Focus on one thing small enough to change but big enough to matter”. – Kat Cole (Group President of FOCUS Brands).
  • “The depth of the vision dictates the height of the organization”. – James Brown (no, not the deceased musician, but the CBS Sportscaster).
  • “You have the right to fail but not the right to fail the rest of the team”. –Nick Saban (Head football coach at the University of Alabama).
  • “We get carried away by routine and lose our shine”. – Chris Barez-Brown (Author & Creativity Guru). I absolutely loved this. We get so bogged down with meetings, grocery shopping and just our daily routines; we sometimes put things, important things, on the back burner.
  • “Happiness = F3. Food, Fun, Friends”- Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple, Inc.) It’s so simple, but true, isn’t it?
  • “Fear is an option. Never make a decision based on fear”. – CMDR Rorke Denver (Navy SEAL Commander & Author).

I think you get the picture.

I’m not being paid by Leadercast nor have an endorsement deal or anything, but I encourage you to mark your calendars now for May 5, 2017 and assuming you can’t be Atlanta, go to and find your closest host site. You’ll definitely want to check out “Powered By Purpose”.

Follow Leadercast on twitter and Instagram at @Leadercast and and help make yourself a leader worth following.

This post was written by Integrated Marketing Manager Natalie DiPietro.

(Photo: Kat Cole speaking at Leadercast 2016. Credit: CollaborateMeetings.Com)



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