The Need to Know about Multi-Cultural Marketing

In an increasingly diverse world, it is important for advertisers to know how to target all segments of their audiences. iHeartMedia values diversity and we embrace it as a business strategy. More and more, we are partnering with our advertisers to use our platforms to reach all segments of their audiences. Milwaukee is a perfect example of this:

Take a look at African Americans; African Americans represent 15% of five counties making up the “Metro Milwaukee Area,” with Milwaukee County as the largest county. African Americans make up 30% of the Milwaukee County, which means if you are not advertising on V100.7 and your target is Milwaukee County, you are not competitively gaining your full market share!  45% of the City of Milwaukee is home to over 200,000 African Americans. I encourage you to advertise on V100.7-WKKV, the only heritage urban station in the market.  WKKV outperforms other stations in the market when it comes to delivering TOTAL MARKET REACH with a diversified and a unique audience! Furthermore, using specific copy, personalities and messaging on a station like WKKV can help deliver this segment of your business’s total audience.

So, what do you NEED to know when working on a multi-cultural campaign? Keep these three tips in mind:

  • Have your audience clearly defined. Be realistic, honest about the marketplace and know how your business fits into that marketplace. Knowing exactly who you want to target is the first (and most important) step in effective targeting.
  • Research, research, research! Let the numbers speak for themselves. iHeartMedia has access to mountains of both qualitative and quantitative data. Let us be your media partner, not just your media company. Ask us to pull data for you to help target your audience even more.
  • Get creative! Listeners aren’t dumb – they know they are being advertised to! So use a mix of platforms and a strong branding message to break through the noise. An integrated campaign that reaches our listeners (and your customers) on multiple levels will always work better than just a broadcast schedule.

iHeartMedia and all of its broadcast radio stations are dedicated to inspiring and creating positive change that improves the lives of others. The company’s Multi-cultural programs are built on the idea that through public awareness and education we can drive attention and action that directly addresses today’s most pressing issues. iHeartMedia looks forward to partnering with your business to create an Integrated Marketing Campaign hyper focused around Multi-Cultural themes!

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