New Year’s Resolutions – Are You Succeeding?

How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolution or “Goal(s)” for 2016? Personally, I’m doing pretty well. My theme is “Cleaning Out”.  The apartment. My inbox. My mind.

For the last several weeks I’ve been going through each closet, drawer, cubbie, box, bag in my apartment and purging.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I sat at my six person dining room table other than for Game Night. Do I need six black Halloween themed placemats? If I happen to have five other people over for dinner, we can use any of the other sets of placemats I have. Those went.  A meatloaf pan. The pan I can’t actually get the meatloaf out of, so I make it in a 9×13 anyway. The meatloaf pan went. And so on and so on.

Six giant bags to Goodwill so far! It’s a good feeling knowing that my trash might be someone else’s treasure.  I used this handy checklist and stuck to it pretty well.  

Email. Ugh! I once had a co-worker come back from a two week vacation to over 3,000 emails. He hit “delete all” and said if it was anything important, they’d reach back out.  It was one of the bravest acts I’ve witness.

I try to “touch it once” as the article below suggests and I rarely leave work with anything in my inbox. I do like the suggestion below of using “EOM” at the end of the subject line if the subject line was the only content. Have you heard of that? See if anything of these tips work for you.

I can’t really say I’m meditating, but before bed I’ve been trying to just relax and breath for ten minutes or so. No TV, no candy crush, no music. Just me. Breathing. Thinking. Trying to clean out the mind which hopefully lends itself to a better sleep.  Give it a try!

This post was written by Integrated Marketing Manager Natalie DiPietro – click here to connect with her on LinkedIn!


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