The Power of Jumping on the Bandwagon

You can’t turn anywhere without seeing “Making a Murderer” commentary. It seems everyone is watching, talking, spoofing and posting about it.

Some content strategists may say when the world starts talking about something nonstop, your brand should start talking about something else. Some may argue that forcing your brand into a cyclical pop-culture conversation can come off as forced or unnecessary.

But, there are times that the bandwagon is worth jumping on. Case in point: Dan O’Donnell.

When WISN reporter Dan O’Donnell decided to strike while the “Making a Murderer” fire was hot, he found huge success. Dan wrote & produced a 10 part podcast titled “Rebutting a Murderer”, head on contesting the Netflix documentary series.

In a recent Ad Week article, Dan explains how and why he got involved in the “Making a Murderer” conversation. 

“O’Donnell, who was reluctant to watch at first, told Adweek that “half of Wisconsin” binge-watched the show within two days of its debut. After being urged by friends and colleagues to watch, he did. And he didn’t agree with everything he saw. So that’s how the 10-episode Rebutting a Murderer came to be.

“It’s the most visually stunning, captivating documentary series I’ve ever seen. It’s like, Fargo meets the Sopranos. It was beautiful,” said O’Donnell, who now works for WISN radio. “But as I was getting into it, I was like ‘wait a second. That’s not how I remember it.'””

Since posting his ten part series to the WISN News/Talk 1130 website, Dan’s unique visitors to his blog has reached nearly 100,000 viewers, he has received nearly 300,000 page views and it was picked up by iHeartRadio national and given it’s own iHeartRadio Station. Clearly, jumping on the “Making a Murderer” bandwagon paid off for Dan O’Donnell.

Next time there is a new “it” topic, ask yourself if it is worth your time and your brand’s reputation to jump on the bandwagon. Here are three questions to help you arrive at a decision:

  1. Do you have quality input on the topic?
  2. Do you have the assets and willpower to create quality content efficiently?
  3. Does your audience care? / Is your audience talking about this topic?

If the answer to those three questions are all “yes”, go ahead and jump on the bandwagon!

To listen to Dan O’Donnell’s “Rebutting a Murderer”, click here.


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