Event Sponsorship: Love it or Leave it

An article came out recently on insideradio.com about the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina concert. It focused on event activation.  Much like our iHeartRadioMusicFestival in Vegas, there will be a vendor village the afternoon of the actual concert in which sponsors will have the opportunity to interact with attendees.

I attend numerous events – music, sports and lifestyle. I’m amazed to see the number of sponsors  content with setting up a table with a pile of literature and calling that a sponsorship. B-O-R-I-N-G!  Don’t get me wrong, signage is great when you just want people to know you exist, but sponsorship should be so much more than that.

Let’s go back to Fiesta Latina.  The Coors Light area will feature a beer garden with highboys where fans can purchase beer and take advantage of great sight-lines to the stage.  JCPenney’s area will include cellphone charging station lounges, and a social media-driven red carpet photo booth with a #jcpstyle ID. With a 2016 Ford Fusion on display, Ford will give concertgoers the opportunity to customize their own headphones and smartphone cases.  Warner Bros. will show a clip from the upcoming film “Creed”.  At the State Farm Neighborhood Hangout, concertgoers can stop in for a photo opportunity, giveaways, games and other activities.

Talk about activation! Notice that each activation benefits the attendee. See a movie trailer, charge your phone, enjoy an adult beverage, get your photo taken, customize a smartphone case. It’s all about providing a service and making the event more fun.

As a sponsor, if you do not have the money or the manpower, STAY HOME. You’re not doing your brand any good by hiring a temp service that knows nothing about your brand to sit behind a table and stare down at their cellphones for the duration of the event. Be creative. Be engaging. Be fun. Be helpful to those in attendance.

iHeartMedia’s Rich Bressler was recently talking about the sponsors involved in our iHeartRadioMusicFestival and said, “Events have a positive benefit on advertiser and consumer relationships and provide great promotion and brand building opportunities for our stations.  Leveraging these events is a significant differentiator from a sales, branding and promotion perspective and events continue to be a key revenue driver for us.”

I’d love to hear how YOU are activating the sponsorships you are paying so handsomely for – tell us in the comments or find me on LinkedIn!

This article was written by Integrated Marketing Manager Natalie DiPietro.

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