No One Refers Ugly.

As a sales person, has this ever happened to you?

You drive 45 minutes in the worst traffic of your life. You find the only parking spot available, in the last row of the parking lot, just after it starts to rain. You finally get into your prospect’s office for the appointment only to find out he or she isn’t in today. Wait a minute…you just confirmed the meeting with this person yesterday and now they aren’t around?

You leave the appointment fuming. You calm down. You send a polite email to reschedule thinking surely your prospect will respond.

Nope. Crickets.

As a decision maker, has this ever happened to you?

The person who has the best new gadget you’ve heard of forces her way in to see you. You set an appointment for 9 a.m.  She’s a no show. At noon you get a call from her to reschedule for the following day, but she doesn’t offer an explanation for missing your meeting.

The next day she shows, but doesn’t know enough about your business to understand you don’t need her product. She asks for a referral anyway.

Buyer or seller, we all want to work with great people. We want to work with people who understand our business, have respect for our time and want to do good business.

The term “good business” may sound cliché, but good business should be the only kind of business we do.

No one wants to do business with UGLY. No one refers UGLY.

As a buyer or seller it’s important to conduct great business. It’s important to conduct business that is fair to ALL involved. Good business practices lead to more referrals and ultimately even more good business.

Nathan Tonarelli
Senior Vice President of Sales

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